Friday, 9 April 2021

Stations 2021

                                                                Station of the cross

  On Thursday we did Stations of the Cross where Jesus carry's the Cross to his Crucifixion. My role for the play was being one of Simon's friends. The Roman soldiers tested us to see if we were strong enough to help Jesus carry the Cross. 

We practiced about 5 times in a row just to get a perfect show trying to make it scary and sad and interesting for our audience to make it feel real. 

When we finally got to do the play in front of the whole school. It was like Jesus actually carrying his cross to his death. The audience emotions were very sad. They sat very quietly.

During the play I felt dead in side and I nearly cried when he was nailed to the cross.

In this photo are the main character's for Station of the Cross .



Roman solders-Matthew,Amiel,Peter,Eli,Channing,Roman

Mary and her friend-Giselle,Brielle



Woman of Jerusalem-Angelina,April,Lupe,Deva


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